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Corporate Services

Employment Services


Recruitment support services for HR professionals

We provide complimentary corporate subscriptions to HR professionals on mid-career hiring solutions. In addition to the latest information on human resources and labor practices, we also organize face-to-face meetings between HR professionals, thus creating a friendly networking environment for experts in the industry.


A recruitment support tool, offering everything from recruitment website creation to applicant management, all totally free.

All functions of the tool, including the creation of smartphone-friendly recruitment websites, management of applicants, and scouting of en career-change info members, are available completely free of charge. Make use of the many design templates that en provides based on the knowledge it has accumulated over the years. Easy for anyone to create a stylish, information-packed recruitment website.

Education Business

In order to avoid introducing and exercising education just for the mere sake of education, we incorporate it within the hiring and the evaluation processes. Specialized consultants develop and implement customized training and education programs for our entire client portfolio. Our consulting services focus on providing corporate culture development solutions, respectively on nurturing talented employees that have a highly professional and independent profile as they can contribute significantly to the growth of their companies.


●Organizational research, analysis and diagnosis ●Initial strategy consulting (from screening process to prospective and new hires)
●On-boarding training (OJT coaching) ●Clear-cut training - position specific (prospective and new hires to management level)
●Purpose-specific training (sales and marketing, research and development, HR, etc.) ●Personnel assessment
●Train-the-trainer programs ●Planning and development of original teaching materials and manuals
●Instrumental lectures on student job hunting (Grow up Seminar)
[en]en-college flat-rate employee training service


Employees change. Companies change. en COLLEGE services remain flat rated.

Our flat rate staff training services target small and medium-sized venture companies with less than 300 employees. We provide original programs where people from across various levels of hierarchy and professions have access to over 140 courses and, by using the "efficiency sheets", can receive suggestions on company improvement. In order to attain the proper education level that will lead to results, we fully support the actions of professionals by rendering our extensive know-how on education training, cumulated over the past 30 years.

Evaluation Services

Our services on personnel performance evaluation are part of a comprehensive human resources strategy, designed to cultivate the employees' potential, instead of merely aiming to determine their compensation plans. The implementation of an open and fair appraisal system is key in motivating employees. Specialized consultants elaborate compensation and performance evaluation systems aligned with various education programs, thus contributing to the companies' overall performance improvement.


●Personnel evaluation systems ●Payroll systems
●Work regulations and other stipulations ●3E-i - intelligence ability tests
●3E-p - personality and value system tests
3E tests

3E tests

Assessment tests that help identify the right talent pool

3E-IP is designed to assess an individual's intelligence, and to reveal aspects of their psychological makeup and behavioral style, characteristics which are difficult to recognize during an interview, or from one's academic or professional background. Candidates today have diverse career aspirations and work ethics, therefore our flexible assessment options need to bring added value not only throughout the sourcing, selection, promotion, or staff reassignment processes, but also for the individual self-development of the employees.