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President and CEO Message

Michikatsu Ochi,Chairman Takatsugu Suzuki,President

Takatsugu Suzuki, President Michikatsu Ochi, Chairman

From the early days of our company's foundation, our commitment has been undeterred to provide a comprehensive and outstanding array of tailored recruitment solutions throughout the entire hiring process, including post-employment support.
Our unique 3E method® is an original system, which integrates the 3E's of Employment, Education and Evaluation.
Our company has been relentlessly engaged in providing an overall solution for the success of employees and for the performance improvement of organizations. The key to achieve this consists in the affinity between optimal recruitment, effective training and highly-comprehensible evaluation.
Within the recruitment field, we manage six recruiting websites and a briefing site for management and HR professionals. Our aim is to always be the No.1 service provider for both job seekers and organizations. In recent years, amid the growing tendency on the market for selective, careful screening processes, we have focused on contingency fee-based recruiting services. In order to ensure a high precision in sourcing the optimal candidates that best match the companies' needs, we are actively expanding our business.
Within the education field, we provide a diversified array of practical training solutions, including en-COLLEGE, our flat-rate training service. As for the evaluation frames, we develop radically original services, such as employee performance assessments, compensation plan consulting, and 3E-IP, intelligence plus personality and value system tests, in order to be able to source high potential candidates.