Corporate Philosophy

Realize human growth
We will build a world in which even more people view working as a
stage of personal growth and who enrich themselves both mentally
and materially as professionals fusing spirit and technique.

en-japan's definition of Personal Development® is to "commit to creating a rich society in terms of mind and matter by considering your career to be a major stage in your personal development as a passionate and skilled business professional". As our registered trademark, this is a fundamental guiding concept for us.
There are other similar expressions, such as "grow as a person", or "improve as a person", however these refer to the mental maturity and enrichment in spirit,which can be achieved even through volunteer work. Nonetheless, Personal Development® relates to the richness in terms of both mind and matter as it promotes intellectual and professional development, but also financial growth.

Business Guidelines
  • Let’s keep developing new products and services as
    our value to society without forgetting our uniqueness
    of possessing both social justice and profitability.
  • Let’s devote ourselves to the “user first” principle by considering what brings true
    joy and what do we want to recommend to people with loyalty being what we seek
    from both clients (users and companies) as the fruits of our work.
  • Let’s constantly keep evolving as individuals and organizations
    with a sense of speed from the perspective of “1+1 > 2” – human growth
    among friends as our greatest asset.
The Origin of “en”

It was back in 1995, when we were thinking of the best name for Japan’s first recruitment and job search website. “The Internet is a creation of the West. When companies and individuals from countries all over the world communicate, they should portray the distinctive characteristics of their respective countries. As a Japanese company, we want to convey an Eastern sense of values to the world.” It was from this line of thinking that the Eastern concept of "en", a Japanese word for “fortuitous connections,” came up as a possible name for our services. We decided to disseminate the word, "en" in its Romanized form, as our brand to the world. The two letters in the word also had a fortunate coincidence of being the initials of “Employment Net,” representing a recruitment website.