Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Basic Views on Corporate Governance

At en Japan, our goal is to contribute to our shareholders, clients, many stakeholders, and society at large through our business. We have therefore positioned building an organization that can respond to changes in the management environment as an important policy for the group as a whole. We are therefore working to strengthen corporate governance and make it robust to enable healthy growth of our corporate group, and are working to create a fair management system.

We think that ensuring even stronger ethical values and integrity among our officers and employees is the basic premise upon which earning the true trust of our many stakeholders is built. One of the tenets of our corporate philosophy is to do what is right for society and social justice is a concept that clearly communicates that serving society is the reason for our existence.

We will continue to adhere to this philosophy and way of thinking as the fundamental basis for the actions of our officers and employees, and will work to build an even stronger system of internal management through thorough education on compliance and other means. We will ensure sound management by making sure that this system functions properly.

en Japan Inc. Corporate Governance Report(October 12, 2022)