Corporate Services

Our Mission

At en Japan, by linking the recruitment of the best people,
effective education, and highly convincing evaluation together,
we support job-seekers actively participate and become firmly entrenched in their new jobs,
and we help companies to improve their business performance.

A Unique Consulting Approach
3E Method®

The 3E method is our original concept, introduced as a means of corporate performance improvement, based on the employment, engagement and development of outstanding human resources, and on a high evaluation system, which can be easily implemented. As en Japan's unique system, it is organically achieved by merging and integrating the 3Es of human resources strategy. The 3Es specifically refer to Employment, Education and Evaluation. Equally, as the phrase "a company is only as good as its people" suggests, human resources are prevalent in every aspect of the business. In the future, even though technology might no longer require people to manage operations, people will still play a major role in the planning and development of those systems. In a technologically advanced society, management will come to rely more and more on human wisdom. Thus, the importance of mapping out the human resources strategy will grow exponentially. Within our company, we are addressing this through our original 3E method®