Global Expansion

Business expansion within the Asia-Pacific region

Organizations from around the world have expanded within the Asia-Pacific region anticipating economic growth. Therefore, their recruitment needs are active, and the market is also expected to grow.

en-japan has expanded into the Asia-Pacific area by leveraging the resources of our subsidiary en world Japan Inc. We then turned the Navigos Group, which handles Vietnam’s largest job site and recruitment service, into a subsidiary in April 2013. In November 2013, we turned The Capstone Group Recruitment and Consulting, a recruitment service company, into a subsidiary. In June 2014, we turned the New Era India Consultancy, a recruitment service company in India, into a subsidiary. Recently, in February 2019, we also turned Future Focus Infotech, an IT personnel employment agency in India, into a sub-subsidiary.

It is considered that due to globalization, recruitment will no longer be defined within each country; we see already a growing migration of personnel across the Asia-Pacific area. Under these circumstances, the enforcement of our extensive global network will enable us to expand. Furthermore, there are no signs of decline in the local recruitment demand from global organizations. By further strengthening en World Japan, our core partner, we are working to further performance development.

Our Group
Navigos Group operates Vietnam's largest recruitment website and agency
Navigos Group manages Vietnam's largest recruitment site Vietnam Works, as well as its leading staffing agency, Navigos Search. In addition to Vietnamese companies, our client portfolio includes major Japanese corporations and global organizations interested to enter the Vietnamese market; however, the former account for 50% of the annual revenue.
We are unceasingly aiming to further expand our business by assimilating the know-how on recruitment services and briefing site management that we have inherited from en Japan.